My 7 Mile 10K…Say What?!?!?!

Me trying not to laugh at my mistake!

Me trying not to laugh at my mistake!

I like to think of myself as a smart person, but I guess we all make bonehead mistakes from time to time.

Today since my husband was off work for the first time in over 15 days, we decided to do something fun and head 50 miles north for a 10K.

First off, I know that doesn’t sound like much fun to non-runners and to be honest, I think Rob would have preferred snuggling in bed a bit longer but he is such a trooper!  It wasn’t too much longer and he was up too and ready to support me once again as I ran!  He loves my dedication to running I think as much as I love to run.

We were up at the crack of dawn…..5:30 on a Saturday morning.  Getting up early on a Saturday is not unusual for me since I have a boot camp class I attend without fail, and to be honest was sad to miss!  But today my hubby and I were hoping to spend the day and night together having some fun running, eating, drinking and playing.  Well… didn’t quite turn out that way?.

Today, despite the fogged over windows in our house when I woke up, and the due points in the upper 70’s as well as the temp approaching upper 80’s, I decided to run anyhow.  My first mistake!  Yep, there is a second error……and it’s a big one.  At least in my opinion.

It was one of those summer days when the thermometer read 80 but it felt like 100 – muggy!  Normally I don’t wear my fuel belt for a 10K but today was one of those days I sensed I needed it due to the heat.

Do I need my Fluids...yep its 80 Degrees and HOT!

Do I need my Fluids…yep its 80 Degrees and HOT!


Getting ready to Run

Having an Energy Chew and Away I go!

So I took some precautions such as running with my fuel belt, took an extra energy chew, and not going into my run with any high expectations.  If it were a normal training run in fact, I would have run at a bit slower pace due to the heat.

Well, guess what!  I am running along about about an 8 minute pace, sweating through every single stitch of my shirt and running shorts and I glance down at my watch and it says I am at mile 5.  Only a little over a mile to go.  I’ll finish in about 48 or 49 minutes which isn’t my fastest but in this heat I was pumped and couldn’t wait to be done.

But WAIT!  I see a sign that says, 10K 4 Mile.  What…….My watch says 5 miles.  That is when I realized somewhere about mile 4ish or so I took a wrong turn.  I saw a handful of runners ahead of me, who were all males by the way, who took a left so I took a left, but when I took my left they were gone.  The next block was short so the runners ahead of me were out of sight.  I was alone and didn’t know which way…..right or left; no sign or markers or runners in sight to tell me which way.   I turned; obviously the wrong way.  UGH!

So I finish and my watch reads, 7 miles in 56 minutes and some seconds.  My husband says “I was getting worried that something happened to you” since he saw me at about mile 3 and I looked strong and was running TOO FAST for him to run with me so he shouted out…..“see you at the finish.”

I showed him my watch and he saw I just ran 7 miles instead of 6.2 and he said…….“what happened?”   I said, “I took a wrong turn”  He gave me a hug in spite of me being a sweaty mess and said “You ran a GREAT 7 mile race!”   I am not sure I was feeling the love quite yet.  I was still upset about making such a big error.   I have run numerous 10K’s, 5K’s, half marathons and over 20 full marathons and this was a first.  The good news is, I am very Blessed to be running and thank God for that every day!

Me trying not to laugh at my mistake!

Me trying not to laugh at my mistake!

So while I am doing my best to forget about my mistake, I am approached by a very nice gentleman runner who says, “are you the crazy lady who led the pak the wrong way?”  I replied “Oh geez I am so sorry!  I never saw a marker and didn’t know which way to turn”  He said not too worry because none of us behind you saw one either.  I felt terrible!  I had no idea so many runners followed me the WRONG way!  There happened to be a 5 K too which probably led to some of the confusion but luckily, some where along the way, we all ended back on course…….we just took the long way to the finish line.  Bummer I know!

A few minutes later another gentleman runner approached me and says, “are you the crazy ORANGE lady who took the wrong turn?”  Yep that would be me.  And the worst was… a female runner telling me I saw you turn the wrong way and was going to give you a shout out but there were so many following I didn’t think you’d hear anyhow.  Say what!  Really?  I won’t tell you what I was really thinking.

Oh well…….like I said, we all make bone head mistakes from time to time!

Thumbs down for a 7 mile 10K HA!

Thumbs down for a 7 mile 10K HA!

So I am over it and Rob and I start towards the car.  I stripped down into some dry clothes.  In fact even my shoes were soaked from the the sweat running down my legs.  They were squishing with each step.

I felt like I had jumped in a pool with my clothes on but it was my own sweat.

Truthfully I am not complaining because It was my choice to make my own sweaty self and now I had to deal with it……and that I did!  I uploaded my stats and it turns out I ran a 49.30 10K and a sub 57 minute 7 miler.  Ok….not bad considering I mentally checked out about mile 5, or I mean 6, or whatever?

All Smiles..DONE!

All Smiles..DONE!

Unfortunately my husband got a call from work as we were headed to grab coffee and a bite to eat after the run.  Turns out there were problems at his work which cut OUR day short.

Once home, I took a long bath in Epsom Salts and lavender…….and than……..STARVING!

Normally after a run, I have a smoothie with protein powder, fruit and of course a handful of greens.  Healthy yes, but I wasn’t in the mood for healthy right now.  Yes bizarre things can happen in the heat!  I wanted cheese and more cheese!  I was craving comfort food and not a smoothie right now.

I still had some yummy wild mushrooms from this weeks CSA share.  Remember my Mushroom Bruschetta Post.  Yep it was that good and also simple to whip up.  Goat cheese, and more goat cheese, sourdough toast rubbed with a garlic clove, sauted mushrooms & herbs in ghee;  and yes, I even added some greens to my post run meal.  Happy Girl who ate with much Love in her heart?.

My Post Run Meal

My Post Run Meal

I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.

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