Christmas Lefse

Christmas Lefse

Christmas Lefse

Since we’re all super busy these days, I’m going to keep things simple and give you a very traditional recipe that I just know you’ll want to make with those left over mash potatoes!  If you don’t have left over mashed potatoes, you may want to make some right now.  If you don’t have potatoes in your pantry, you’ll probably really wish you did because this traditional Christmas treat is AMAZING, and I don’t even like potatoes.

So please, consider making Lefse if you haven’t ever done so.  It’s really not hard, and more importantly it’s such fun, especially when you include your guests.

Lefsa Collage

If there’s one thing I know is that during holiday season the most valuable thing is our time.   Am I right???  But we did it.  And you know what, the best gift you can give yourself is time spent with family and that is just what we did this Christmas Eve.  We gathered in my tiny kitchen and rolled out lefse rolls, grilled it, and of course sampled it.  Seriously, melt in your mouth delicious.

So clearing your schedule for a day during the holiday season might not be easy but it’s so worth it.  Can you imagine, no phone calls, work, or even cooking?  The best gift you can give yourself right?  How about a recipe that requires only left over mashed potatoes, butter, cream and flour?  Perfect right! 

Lefsa two
So here I present you with our Christmas Tradition, which I am sure will soon become yours.  Christmas Lefse?.
I have to be completely honest here, I really don’t like mash potatoes, but if you are having mash potatoes on your holiday table, or any other time, make extra.  At least 5 cups extra?.
You honestly don’t need any special equipment.  As a kid I used a cast iron skillet and a pancake turner.  When I married Rob, he happened to have all this fancy stuff:  So making Lefse this way……Definitely a first!  But, you can use whatever you have…..just make this.  

Rob and His Mother making Lefse

Rob and His Mother making Lefse

And since I’m in the mood for confessions let me say that I am kind of a neat freak and like a “clean” house, especially when expecting guests for Christmas eve dinner, even if it’s only family.
However, making lefse does create a bit of a floury mess…..but it’s so worth it.  That’s saying a lot coming from Me!
When you take your first bite of fresh lefse, you’ll get my drift!
Lefse ROCKS…..In fact, it made an amazing post run treat!

Lefse Post Run Treat:-)

Lefse Post Run Treat?.

It’s crispy, light, airy, melt in your mouth indescribable.  Have I convinced you yet to try making Lefse.  Yeah sure you can buy it at most super-markets, but it’s doesn’t compare to fresh off the griddle, smeared with butter and a little honey or sugar, if you like.  Oh My Goodness.  Yes!



  • 5 cups mashed potatoes
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tablespoons of butter and cream
  • 2 cups of flour


  1. Cook Potatoes, drain, mash and add salt, butter and cream while hot.  Let stand covered until real cold.  (or refrigerate left over mashed potatoes over night)
  2. Add flour; work in well.  Mold in to 4 rolls (about 6 inches long) and cut into 1 to 1 1/2 inch pieces, depending on size of lefse you like.
  3. Roll out as thin as possible on floured canvas.  Re-flour between lefse to prevent sticking if needed.  Too much flour makes lefse crisp.
  4. Bake on un-greased griddle (med-high) until light brown spots appear.  Turn and bake other side.  Adjust heat as necessary
  5. Cool and wrap.
  6. Serve with butter and sugar, or your favorite berries, or honey or eat plain like my husband.

I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.

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