#IRunRome 2016 Marathon Report!

Mile 12

Mile 12

For those of you who are interested in a more detailed #IRunRome Marathon Report…..here you go, as promised!  First off, it was one of the funnest marathons I have run, and definitely one of the most beautiful.  Fun because I didn’t run this marathon for a personal best or to BQ, but to just take it all in…..and I did.

I remember writing my name on the board at my First Boston! Great Memories!

“I remember writing my name on the board at my First Boston! Great Memories!”

It was also very warm…high 70’s and sunny!  The only reason I have a long sleeve shirt on is because the forecast was for clouds and highs of mid 50’s.  Guess the meteorologists can be wrong in Italy too.  I am not sure how all the other European runners got the message but most showed up in short sleeves….but than again, us American’s don’t know anything right.  Especially dumb blondes.  We were half way to the start before I realized I probably should have worn my short sleeve shirt.  Oh well……

Rome Marathong 2016 mile 5

Mile 8

But yes, the course is incredibly scenic, as you can see from some of my pics.  And I was never alone out there which made it even more fun!  There were runners and spectators everywhere. In fact, when I saw my husband at mile 4 and 8 I could barely get to him cuz it was so congested.  I managed a quick hello the second time at mile 8, but it wasn’t easy.

Rome Marathong F455

Karen Schlueter-Morland F455

And to make matters even worse, I almost missed my niece.  We had agreed to meet about half way and I told her I would be on the right.  However, I noticed there weren’t many spectators on the right, including her.  I was just about to run past her when I heard my name coming from the left.  I did a little bit of a dance to get to her and to avoid other runners but found my way to exchange my empty bottles for full and grab more Gu.  It was definitely worth it!  I loved having her on the course!  Everything about running a marathon in Rome is incredible, but having family there besides my husband topped it all!  I had a blast and I think she did too!  Thanks Lauren!  You’re the BEST!

Lunch with niece Lauren

Pasta before the race with my niece.  Can’t get any better than this!

Finally at mile 22, I found Rob in the standing in the shade patiently waiting for me.  Smart man cuz it was hot and I was so happy to see him.   I was still smiling and having fun out there but it was getting hotter and hotter so I did slow down a bit and just hung in there until the finish!

Excited to see my husband! Mile 22

Excited to see my husband! Mile 22 and get some shade.

So after a nice chat and a pep talk from my hubby, I was on my way to find him at the finish.  Also with a smile on my face.  Both the heat and the uneven cobblestones made my run more challenging but I still had fun!  If you run Rome, just remember to pick up your feet or you’ll trip!  Many runners did just that, but thankfully I wasn’t one of them.

Rome Marathon End in sight

I am almost there

By mile 25 I was feeling a bit of cramp in my toes which probably had something to do with the running service and mostly likely the heat.  It was hot, sunny, and the uneven surfaces made this one of the most challenging runs I have done, but I really did have fun out there.

Rome Marathon Finish

I was more than happy with my finish!  My time was 4:10 and although I have run way faster marathons, I was quite pleased with my finish considering it was quite hot.  I took my time, had fun and enjoyed the course!  Based on the number of finishers and those in my age group, I was also surprised of my standings since they are actually way better than I thought.  What was most surprising to me was that out of the almost 14,000 runners, there were only 3000 females.  In most other races I have participated in, the numbers are more even.  Out of almost 3000 females, I was number 804 and in my age group (50-54) there were about 440 runners.  I was 95th.  So there you have it everyone one!  It was an experience I’ll never forget!

Rome Gold Leaf Label

I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.

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    • You’re welcome Beth but Thank You for reading and commenting. I love hearing from my readers:-) Definitley one of my funnest marathons! Having my niece there was so special!
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