20 mile Long Run via Heart Rate Training


Here I am coming off a 20 mile run and nearing the end of my first official training cycle using Heart Rate Training.  I have to admit, it was an emotional, but fun ride.  It started off with many really SLOW runs and many doubts, but to my surprise, I am actually looking forward to repeating the cycle all over again for my next marathon…..but lets get through this one first!

20 Miles with Pick-ups at the end of each mile and than 6 race pace miles

20 Miles with Pick-ups at the end of each mile and than 6 race pace miles 

My last two 20 mile runs took me the same direction…..20 miles in the middle of no where I prayed both times I wasn’t stranded, and my ride home would fine me.  And they did, obviously!  I recently purchased these great new Bullet Capris and my phone fits perfectly.  YEAH for big pockets!

20 miles with 6 miles at half marathon pace

20 miles with 6 miles at half marathon pace!  This was tough!  

Trust me, my hubby, brother, mother, and friends are more relieved than I am that I am now running with my phone.  I often times would end up at a random farm house and make that long awaited phone call…. “Can you please come pick me up?”.    They say, “Where are you?”.  I say, “some farm house but I”ll start walking and you can find me on ……”.  

Where I ended up....in the county in the middle of no where!

Where I ended up….in the county in the middle of no where!

Last week it was my brother who tracked me down somewhere out in the middle of no-where on a random gravel road I found after making my way off the Luce Line Trail .  Like I said…yeah for big pockets and cell phones with location…and family and friends who love me and are willing to put up with my madness!  THANKS for the lifts home Mom, Aaron, Rob, Sarah, etc.  You’re much appreciated!

Smiling again after a long Training Run

Smiling again after a long Training Run

When you do a long run – like a really long run – that takes you to a place far away from home – at least 20 miles away – and requires some extra fuel because it take you more than a couple hours to complete, do you ever feel like you just solved the world problems for the day…or at least your own?  Yeah for long solo runs for keeping me sane.

Last 20 mile training run with marathon pace miles

Last 20 mile training run with marathon pace miles – I am so in love with my POLAR WATCH!  

All runs are different.  Some are joyous occasions of effortless forward motion and some are unfortunately, more painful and mentally tough.  Most long runs, to be honest, are somewhere in between.  This past weekend was my last long run before the glorious taper.  I am once again thankful as an almost 55 year old, I made it through another training cycle with not injury, and more importantly, I had some fun along the way!


For those of you who have never attempted Heart Rate Training, you can learn more about it here which is what intrigued me to give this Heart Rate Training a try.  I have enjoyed the friends I have made along the way and more importantly, how fun this program was for me.  It was new, different, and although, challenging, I am happy to report, fun.  I have never ran a marathon before based on Heart Rate but I am excited to see how it goes.  My 5K went ok so hoping for the same kind of results for my marathon.  Stay tuned!


I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.

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