Where is Spring & Running in The CRAP!

Are you jumping out of bed every morning excited to pound the pavement?  You’re ready to knock out your run with no limitations…including the weather, RIGHT?!

Me just so DAMN HAPPY to be RUNNING!

It’s the end of April, almost May Day and it’s below freezing today, 31 degrees and wind!  Lets just say, I didn’t hop out of bed and I wasn’t too excited for my morning run.  But you know what, I still love RUNNING!  So maybe you haven’t lost your love for running either, but maybe it’s feeling stale?  Do you need a reminder of why you love this sport?

I sometimes need reminders too, especially when our Winters last forever like this year.  Or maybe you just had a bad run or a bad race.  Or worst of all, maybe your injured and having doubts when and if ever you’ll be back running…YOU WILL by the way. 

So here are just a few reasons, even after 4 decades,  I still love to RUN!

  1. I am 55 and not injured.   There may be mornings I don’t feel like running, especially lately with the weather here in Minnesota!  I think about those who can’t run because of injury or illness, and than I remember, how Blessed I Am that I can still run! SO suck it up and if it’s raining, sleeting, or god forbid, snowing in May, get out there.  Start running, and when you’re done, you’ll be the happiest bad ass runner ever.
  2. I am older and slower, so what!  I remember reading an article in Runner’s World, Runner’s Connect, and also here thinking, shit why do I expect to be such a special snowflake when really I am just an average runner getting older and slower.  The truth of the matter is, although there are some who actually improve with age (red wine for one) most of us slow down.  Our VO2 max mostly likely decreases and we probably slow about 7% per decade in our 40’s, 50’s. and 60’s.  Yikes…I am half way to 60 which means I have been running for over 4 decades. So anyhow, if you’re an aging runner and are sad about getting slower like me sometimes, the best thing we can do is remember it’s part of the journey and the life of a runner!
  3. Remember to take a break!  For the past several years, since I got married actually, I have been a traveling runner, thanks to my hubby.  We have ventured off to China, Rome, not just once, but twice, Texas, and several other destinations to run.  It’s been a blast!  My last trip to Rome was probably my favorite, but also the most exhausting.  We were on the go constantly.  Besides jet lagged, we were super wiped out since we made many stops which included Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and of course Naples and the Almafi Coast.  This was nothing like my recent trip to Mexico where we laid on the beach a lot!  Instead of taking the time to recover from not only my marathon, but also from a busy trip, I started training for my next marathon.  Although most of my training went incredibly well, my taper did not.  My legs felt heavy and I think I just was tired from running two marathons back to back for for way too long.  So this Spring, I took a break from marathon training.  It’s certainly not a divorce from running, (since I am still out there almost every day & love it, I am just not in love with our weather lately).  It is only a separation, so my heart and my body can grow fonder again.  I am still running and in love with the sport, but let me tell you folks, it is certainly ok to take a break from training, and even running, especially if anything hurts, including your heart.
  4. Remember to have Gratitude!  I know I have all ready mentioned this a few times, But I am SO HAPPY TO RUN.  When I first started running over 30 years ago, it was mostly because I was in track and trying to fit in.  After all, you can’t be on the track or cross country team and not run.  But as I improved, ran faster, ran further distances, ran my first marathon, qualified and ran my first Boston, I kept on running.  I once thought after my first sub-4 marathon and than my first BQ, I would be done.  But, I kept running; I re-qualified for Boston again and than again, and I loved everything about training/running! I ran because I wanted to run.  So remember this folks, run because you can and not because you have to.  Shift your thinking towards Gratitude and you’ll be so amazed at the results.

A long run from my last training….SO HAPPY

That is all I have for now my friends.  If you’re a runner, I hope you love it or fall in love with it again and again.

One more question…Are you getting slower with age?  Yep, me too.  Oh well, that’s life.

I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.

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