Celebrating Amish Style

How do you celebrate new challenges and opportunities?  Thursday was my husband’s last day at his current job and he’s moving on to something new starting Monday.

It was a WARM one!

Even though it wasn’t an easy decision, he’s quite excited and came home Thursday smiling and ready to celebrate!

After my very warm morning run on Friday, we decided to take a 4 hour road trip down to Canton, Minnesota to pick up my newest piece of furniture. It was the perfect way to spend some time chatting with Rob about his new job.  Change is bitter sweet.

Amish Farm

Several years ago we drove down to meet Mr. Menno Mast for the first time and check out his work and inquire if he he’d build us dining room table and chairs.  It was a very memorable experience!

At the time he had 7 children, but on our next trip to pick up our bed, there were 8. Each trip we made, his family was there to greet us with curiosity.  It was a real treat to watch them but I got the impression they enjoyed our visit as much as we did.

To be honest, I am in awe of how they live.  No technology, no electricity, and a very minimal lifestyle living off the land.  This trip we picked up my newest piece of furniture….now I may not have the most expensive jewelry, but at least it’s more accessible.  As usual, I am more than pleased with his work!

A quick shot in Menno’s office before loading. Cleaned it up before putting in my bedroom. Love it!

Of course, just like our previous trips, we made a few other purchases! Menno picked fresh radishes and asparagus for us!  Both were perfect for the grill when we arrived back home!  We also found this Amish farm right outside of Canton with it’s own little bakery.  YUM!

Rob asking me “What should we buy”

On the way home we stopped in Nicollet at Rob’s favorite meat market for some pork chops for him and shrimp for me.  It was a good day and we had an exceptional dinner of grilled food and homemade bread plus a few treats to  share with my mom to celebrate the end of a good day.

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