Trail Running in Bozeman

My hubby snapped this pic on our last morning in Bozeman. Beautiful morning for a run!

If you’ve been following me on my blog these past couple years or more, you know I love to combine traveling with running races. “Runcations” are the best! If you scroll through my destination tab you can read all about my traveling runs.

Trail Running ROCKS!

They have all been incredible but most recently my husband and I flew to Bozeman, MT for a wedding.  Since the purpose of this trip was a wedding, technically you can’t call it a “runcation”, but trust me, I did plenty of running and other outdoor exercises, especially hiking😊.

Happy to be in Bozeman for one of the Most Beautiful weddings!

What I did discover, Bozeman is not only a beautiful place for a wedding, but they have some gorgeous running trails too.   Bozeman truly captured my heart!  I am one lucky runner!

Wedding Ready! Love this guy!

Here in Hutchinson we have the Luce Line Trail which I run on frequently, but running on the trails in Bozeman is definitely an experience I”ll never forget.

Beautiful stream nestled along the trail I ran every morning.

Right outside our condo we had a couple running trails to choose from; one right and one left.  I was truly in heaven! There was Galvin Lake you could run around and the other had a lovely stream. The trails went all different directions so it was easy to get lost and turned around which I did once😉.  Thankfully I ran into a group of runners who were kind enough to point me in the right direction back to my condo😊.

Our Beautiful Condo

The scenery never got old…I loved every minute of my runs and the one hour of running flew by compared to running back home.  I am one lucky gal to be married to this guy. We both decided retiring in Bozeman could be a possibility.

Rob Enjoying a beer…me enjoying his company at this gorgeous wedding!

We had such a great time at the wedding. There was plenty of time for Rob and I to do some exploring around the valley and we did.

Love this!

And this one too!

Plus how cool to have a gourmet food truck at a wedding reception.

Tumbleweeds Gourmet Food Truck

As you can see from a few photos in this post, the mountains, the hills, the rivers, and the trees are all so beautiful.

I had no idea I would enjoy love trail running so much and I can definitley see myself running a trail race in the future. I loved how it constantly engaged my mind; you always have to be aware of your footing since the terrain is most often uneven.

There are hills everywhere so none of the trails I ran on were flat.  Such fun!

Hang on…up we go! I remembered why I am not a fan of down hill skiing. Hiking up a mountain certainly doesn’t bother me, but riding on a chair lift, not my favorite memory!  Big Sky ROCKS!  

We not only had time to see Big Sky, but Tuesday we made a day trip to Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Once again incredible scenery!

And Buffalo😉.

Bozeman was truly a wonderful experience.  Besides the running there was an endless amount of organic farm to table restaurants, cafes, coffee bars, tea houses, and lets not forget the Kombucha bars.  Yes that’s right…Kombucha on tap!  I could definitley get used to this lifestyle😊.

Our condo we rented wasn’t too shabby either😉.  Most often we were out and about sightseeing, but one night we had family over and had a blast.  It was a real treat to cook in this beautiful kitchen.  I prepared generous salads with fresh greens we grabbed at the farmers market and a pasta dish made with a natural sausage and broccoli rabe, we also found at the market. We chatted till midnight and had a wonderful time sitting around the table telling stories.

Not sure when I’ll be back but I know one thing for sure…Rob and I will be returning to Bozeman! I’d love to hike the M again with this fun and lovely niece and my sister-in-law!

Our Hike up to the M

These two were a pleasure to travel with and made my first experience in Bozeman so memorable.

So I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experience in Bozeman!  Rob and I hope one day you’ll be as lucky as we are to visit Bozeman, MT😘.

Question: Have you been to Bozeman? Do you run Trail Races? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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