Hot, Humid, & Sticky Summer Runs

How’s your summer running going?  Here in Minnesota, our summer has been hot, humid, and sticky just about every single day, and more often than not a combination of all three.

If I am lucky, with a breeze to keep me somewhat cool? But 9 times out of 10, it’s a hot breeze so doesn’t do much good.  You’ve probably read all kinds of tips from other bloggers, or your favorite running site, about how to make running in the heat more tolerable.  So I guess I don’t blame you for not reading this post because what I am about to share, is probably old news right?

I ended up doing my strength work in a sports bra after my HOT run!  

Well possibly?   But I’d be tickled pink if you do decide to read this all the way to end.  After all, even after 40 plus years of running, I am still learning so maybe you will discover something new and different that will help you’re summer running? Or maybe not, but if you do, I’d love to hear from you😊.

Ok lets get started…shall we. Still with me…GOOD!

Karen’s Tips for Running in the Heat This Summer – 

It’s so HOT you can fry an Egg!

The heat of summer isn’t the time to run your hardest workout and biggest mileage weeks – unless you’re sorta crazy and or super careful.

  1. RUN EARLY – I agree, there is not perfect time to run in the heat of summer but the early morning hours are my favorite time to run all year round espeically in the Summer.  The sun is just coming up which is not only beautiful, but less intense too! Unfortunately the humidity doesn’t go away but if you can get out early, temps will be at it’s lowest.
  2. START YOUR RUN HYDRATED AND KEEP HYDRATED! If my runs are over 90 minutes I always take my electrolyte drink with me.  Everyone is different so I suggest doing what works for you but I strongly suggest to at least hydrate well the day before a longer run and before you head out the door.  I happen to use this electrolyte drink and highly recommend it. I use and love all the Shaklee products but I espeically love these for Running before during and after a run! I use the this protein every morning, but after a longer run I throw in some physique😊
  3. Get off the roads! Have you tried trail running?  I most often run on the Luce Line Trail since it’s less than a mile from my house but in Montana I learned to fall in love with more rugged Trail Running.  When running on the Luce Line or any trail, I find more shade and I also find you have to run a little slower which will keep your body slightly cooler.  It’s a win win – Slow and Steady in the Shade😉.
  4. Don’t wear dark colors or cotton. I happen to love my running gear.  I am not sure how I survived years ago running in mostly cotton.  I remember by first marathon running in a blue cotton turtleneck with nylon sweatsuit.  Running gear has not only improved over the years, but is much cuter😉.  Recently I discovered COOLCORE and love it!. I most often order from Athleta but I was given a first time discount so thought I’d try a few things.  The towel I have around my neck is super “cool” too.  All you do is wet it before you head out, give it a snap, and it stays cool and therefore keeps you a little cooler.  I highly recommend.

    My New Running Gear from COOLCORE

  5. RUN by EFFORT, NOT PACE.  Ever since I started running via Heart Rate I have learned to SLOW DOWN!  Before Heart Rate Training, I ran most of my runs at about a 9 minute pace.  Sometimes faster and maybe a little bit slower on my longer runs even though it seemed hard.  Heart Rate Training has helped me get more comfortable running by time and effort not by distance and pace.  When it’s hot outside, there is no better time to try running by feel.  So instead of strictly following pace targets that you might normally follow, can I make a suggestion, run by time and effort rather than distance and pace.  Slow & Steady on your easy days is a lot more fun too😉
  6. You’ll need to adjust your EXPECTATIONS if it’s hot.  When there is a National Weather Advisory and the heat index reaches 100 plus (a combination of both heat and humidity) SLOW DOWN or head to the gym and run in air-conditioning 😉.  Even if there’s no heat advisory, remember why it’s so hard to run like you normally do in summer weather. Maintain the same effort and don’t sweat the slower paces😛😂.  Remember this in a race too…most likely you’ll not meet your A goal and you’ll need to go to plan B.

Question: How’s your Summer Running going? Is it hot and humid where you live? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Question: How do you feel about running by feel vs. pace? Is it hard for you to slow down? It certainly was for me at first! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.

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