Urban Wildland Half Marathon Recap

Yes this was a TOUGH one. It was HOT

Do you remember my recent post when I gave you some of my tips for running in the heat of the summer?  This has definitely been one hot humid summer.  Saturday wasn’t the best day to race 13.1 miles.  It was HOT!  

I sent my brother a text Friday afternoon and asked if he would like to join me after all and run the Urban Half.  I believe you can still register…I did, but no same day registration. He didn’t see my text till early evening and he decided to sit this one out.  Turns out, he was the smart one😉.

I was just approaching mile 5 and thinking, I am not even half way!

I mentioned in my next text that the forecast sounded better for running and we have to go into Minneapolis anyhow, so guess we’ll just leave a bit earlier (a lot earlier) and I’ll slip in a half.   I’ll call ya when I am done!

Ha, wrong.  Forecast was partly right.  Sunny & Nice!  But it was definitely a bit to warm and humid to be racing 13.1 and the chatter amongst the runners after was like a broken record.

“Wow that sun was brutal out there!”  “I got half way and I knew I was in trouble since I was all ready struggling!”  “WOW that was so much harder today!”  “OMG that was HOT!”  “How do I prevent cramping when it’s this HOT” “My PR went out the window half way”  

It went on and on and on……I wish I had some answers, but running in the heat is just hard.  I tried to hydrate with my Performance but even that was hard.

A moment of shade! Mile 8

I honestly wanted to bail halfway but seeing Rob about mile 8 helped; but this was far from my personal best! I knew by mile four that this was not my day to race so I just tried my best to relax and have fun. It wasn’t easy!

Only one more mile

The course was actually quite pretty and I enjoyed running through the woods, on the trails, and by a the lake, but running any race in July, in Central Minnesota, expect heat and humidity.

Based on my time, I had my slowest half marathon time, 1:58.30, but based on my age group standings, I did ok.  I placed 5th out of 37 runners.  Once again I made the mistake of going out a bit too fast, especially since the heat was intense right from the start. Instead of adjusting my pace in the beginning like I should have, I backed off about half way and it was just too late.  I tried to replicate my last half and run by feel but that’s much harder to do in the heat.  I should have paid more attention to my heart rate.  Mistake number 2.

The Start…concentrating on the last bit of advice. Ha Too bad I didn’t listen!

The announcer mentioned at the start, ok runners, it’s a beautiful sunny day for a run, but be-careful, it’s warm and a bit humid.  He was right!

I have to admit, it was not my my funnest race, especially when I compare it to how much fun I had at my last one.  One thing I have learned over the years, every race is different and I am just happy and blessed to be running.

This was an Environmental Clean race which is another reason I wanted to run it. My 1st hand-made medal…made from wood.  

Question: How about you…Do you prefer sleeping in a bit longer or getting up earlier for an early race or run to beat the heat? Any Summer Races coming up? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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