Winter Running and What is Next?

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Here in Minnesota it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.  Some days it’s been a bit frightful.  Brrrr…… 30 mile an hour winds making it feel like much colder than the actual air temp.  But just this past weekend it was close to 40. 

Unfortunately a winter storm is in the forecast for later this week.  Lets pray for safe conditions and roads since many will be traveling for Christmas, including us! We’re headed back to Chicago😊!

Last Christmas I remember it being really COLD but we didn’t have much snow and who doesn’t love a White Christmas!  It’s way better than ice!

The other morning when I walked out my door to start my run, I almost turned around and went to the gym.  It was like skating on ice!  My run turned into more of a shuffle.  Luckily it was a recovery run after a hill workout the day before.

Since I have no races in scheduled this winter or spring, I running mostly easy with a couple speed workouts thrown in for good measure 😉.  However, I am getting eager to get away again for another RUN-CATION!

One of my favorites treats after a race, is a yummy brunch!  No matter where we are, my husband and I always fund a yummy cafe😋.  Another perk when running while traveling, is discovering new restaurants!

“Do I have to pick just one?”

What I love most about Run-Cations is how awesome it is to run through different cities and experience each street, road, highway, and or trail in a whole new way.  One of my fondest memories of the Sioux Falls Half Marathon was the falls and parks I ran through. You can see from the smile on my face, I was excited to see my family😃!

It’s fun to explore parks, streets, valleys, trails, waterfalls, bridges, and hills that I might not otherwise had the opportunity to see. I have loved every destination race I have run and can’t wait for the next!  Each one holds a specific memory!  It’s hard to pic a fave but The Cow Town half marathon in Texas was a blast too!

My first marathon abroad was THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA.  Might as well start BIG right😉!

The best part about running abroad is the people you meet. The Great Wall Marathon is quite small compared to the Rome Marathon, but both were so diverse!

I also didn’t have any time goals so it’s fun to just run and enjoy not only the scenery, but the people too.

Rob and I have chatted about traveling across the pond again…this time to London.  I haven’t been lucky at lottery marathons since I have applied to NYC for there years in a row.  But hey, maybe I’ll get lucky again like I did for Chicago! Besides, doesn’t English tea and scones sound incredible😋.

“How about you?”  “Do you have a treadmill to rely on when you can’t get outside to run due to ice or wind or other conditions?”  I do not and lately have been thinking how nice it would be to have the room to have one stashed in my house somewhere.

To be honest, I have made really good friends with the treadmill since I prefer it during the winter for speed work.  Recently a new treadmill was added to the gym I attend called a ZERO RUNNER.  It’s kind of like running on air.

I came across a website as I was looking at treadmills thinking someday maybe we could find room in our spare room for one.  If you’re in the market for a treadmill, I highly recommend you check this article out.

Question: Have you ran an international marathon? What’s your favorite treat after a run or race? Do you own a treadmill? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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