Crusty Baked Cauliflower & Pasta “Hot-Dish”

Do you enjoy a good casserole?  If you’re from Minnesota, we refer to them as hot dishes.  Well known fact, when my mom suggested making her delicious chicken noodle hot dish for family out East, they replied, “hot dish?  What’s a hot dish?”   I think they thought us Minnesotan’s were a bit odd?  Turns out, her hot dish was a big hit!  It was so good, it’s still requested and served with much love by my mom when they visit us here in Minnesota!

One Pot Pasta with Cauliflower, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes, and a little Tomato

When in Italy we ate lots of pasta.  How can one eat that much pasta and come home weighing almost 5 pounds lighter?  Not sure, but I did.  Possibly because you walk and walk, and than walk some more.  Than because I am a runner who likes to travel and run, I ran a marathon, and it didn’t stop there!  We climbed stairs….and next we hiked and than hiked some more.  It was an amazing trip!

Pasta in Italy

Pasta with Corn, Pancetta, Butter, & Fresh Sage

Brown Rice Pasta with Fresh Corn, Pancetta, Sweet Beans, Fresh Sage, and lots of Butter.

Brown Rice Pasta with Fresh Corn, Pancetta, Sweet Beans, Fresh Sage, and lots of Butter.

I have to confess….I am not a big fan of Sweet Corn.  Please don’t judge me my friends!  Immediately when the first crop of LOCAL SWEET CORN corn shows up at the markets, you’ll most likely see mobs of people standing in line buying bags and bags of corn.  Confession…..not me!

Creamy Asparagus Soup

I get it, asparagus soup is not all that exciting compared to a cheesy pasta dish, a chocolate treat, or even a fat juicy burger, (sorry no burger as of yet)!  But since I am getting so much flack for not sharing my asparagus soup recipe I promised to blog about weeks ago, I thought I should get busy before I get banned from our next runners group gathering.

Thai Chicken Cashew Stir Fry

Tonight I am finally getting around to sharing what I made my husband for Valentine’s Day.  Better late than never right!  These remodeling projects have definitely turned my life upside down.

Pasta is definitely my husbands fave but Chinese is a close second!  When I surprised him with this Thai Chicken Stir Fry, he was more than pleased.  It’s probably not like anything we had in China, or as good as what my friend Tina makes, but authentic or not, it’s a dynamite stir-fry dish that is perfect for any weeknight dinner!

Celebrating New Years in Chicago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

New Years Fun in Gurnee Illinois with my nieces!

What was your New Years like?  I am pleased to say mine was everything I had hoped for.  I did lots of my favorite things like run, workout, enjoy good food, and most importantly, spend time with family.  My hubby, mom and I packed up my car, headed out on the highway about noon on Friday December 3oth, and almost 7 1/2 hours later we arrived in Gurnee, Illinois.  We were tired, hungry but definitely excited!  

Christmas Crispy Prosciutto White Lasange

It’s Christmas week and I have a yummy cheesy pasta recipe to share with you today.  Seriously, who doesn’t need cheese filled lasagna for Christmas.  Apparently a lot of my friends do since after chatting with them about their menu for Christmas, lasagna happens to be a winner!  So it’s clearly the right thing to do.   Who doesn’t love lasagna?  I espeically love my version since spinach is involved, and it’s gluten free, so it’s kind of health’ish.  It’s Christmas right!

Christmas Lasagna With Crispy Prosciutto