About Avocado Runners

35415_1528732458128_2845526_n (2)I love everything about Life in general which is why staying healthy is important to me. To be honest, I have been living the “green” lifestyle way before it was cool to do so.  Sometimes I think its part of the reason I stayed single for most of my adult life.  My new business, running, golfing, cooking and entertaining friends, consumed most of my time so I didn’t have time to be in a real serious relationship.  I was happy and loved my life….I’ve been eating clean, running marathons, working out and doing yoga for over 30 years but after lots of prayer,  something very cool happened……I finally met up with a really Nice fellow runner.  About a year later we were engaged and than married.  God is Good All the Time:-)   I am so lucky to have some one in my life who shares in my passion for cooking and eating good food. We both love to entertain, and my guests never turn down an invite for one of my delicious meals. Its fun to spread the word that you can have vibrant health by having a positive attitude, eating well, exercising, and taking Shaklee food supplements. I truly believe this lifestyle has allowed me to continue to run marathons and I look forward to many more.  Life is even more fun now!