Trail Running in Bozeman

My hubby snapped this pic on our last morning in Bozeman. Beautiful morning for a run!

If you’ve been following me on my blog these past couple years or more, you know I love to combine traveling with running races. “Runcations” are the best! If you scroll through my destination tab you can read all about my traveling runs.

Celebrating New Years in Chicago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

New Years Fun in Gurnee Illinois with my nieces!

What was your New Years like?  I am pleased to say mine was everything I had hoped for.  I did lots of my favorite things like run, workout, enjoy good food, and most importantly, spend time with family.  My hubby, mom and I packed up my car, headed out on the highway about noon on Friday December 3oth, and almost 7 1/2 hours later we arrived in Gurnee, Illinois.  We were tired, hungry but definitely excited!  

My First Chicago Marathon via Heart Rate

The Big City of Chicago

The Big City of Chicago РOur View from the top of our hotel!  The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel is fabulous!  I loved our room, the facilities, and location. 

Although I love the city of Chicago and I always look forward to going back, I can’t say I am in love with the marathon! ¬†In fact, of all the marathons I have run, it’s one of my least favorites¬†! ¬†I am not sure what the big hype is about this race! ¬† In fact I probably will never know, but one thing I do know, I won’t be rushing back¬†to run it again.

#IRunRome 2016 Marathon Report!

Mile 12

Mile 12

For those of you who are interested in a more detailed #IRunRome Marathon Report… you go, as promised! ¬†First off, it was one of the funnest marathons I have run, and definitely one of the most beautiful. ¬†Fun because I didn’t run this marathon for a personal best or to BQ, but to just take it all in…..and I did.

One Pot Pasta with Cauliflower, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes, and a little Tomato

When in Italy we ate lots of pasta. ¬†How can one eat that much pasta and come home weighing almost 5 pounds lighter? ¬†Not sure, but I did. ¬†Possibly because you walk and walk, and than walk some more. ¬†Than because I am a runner who likes to travel and run, I ran a¬†marathon, and it didn’t stop there! ¬†We climbed stairs….and next we hiked and than¬†hiked some more. ¬†It was an amazing trip!

Pasta in Italy

Cinque Terre – Day 2

We started day two in Cornilgia much the same way as day one, just much earlier. ¬†Once again, when most tourists and locals here were either sound asleep or too exhausted from yesterday’s hike to even think about venturing out, we were eager to watch the sun come up and enjoy our Americano Cafe with fresh bread toasted, jam & butter. ¬†I still have no idea why toast tastes better here, but it doesūüėČ.


A¬†destination¬†I’ll never forget and one I can’t wait to visit again! ¬†