A Windy EAT

Enhanced Anaerobic Threshold – Pic courtesy of MB Tepper

For those of you who have been following my running journey via Heart Rate Training, you are probably familiar with the EAT workout.  I am currently in my second round of Heart Rate Training and I am definitely still learning.  Since I have been running full marathons both Spring and Fall for the last several years, I decided it was time I take a much needed break till fall.  So later this Spring I hope to run a half marathon for fun using Heart Rate Training.  

Plain and Simple Protein Bites

Apricots and Almond Butter.  Why didn’t I ever think of this before?  Most often I use dates when I whip up these tasty energizing protein bites, but as I was going through my super food cupboard, I found a surplus of these delicious apricots.  Both dates and apricots are natural sweeteners and they both pair well with almond butter so I decided to play around with my favorite protein bite recipe.

Securian Winter Run – 10K

Securian Winter Run Finishers Mug

Here I am at my desk, sipping on my morning Bullet Proof Coffee from my new mug that I earned after the Securian Winter Run.  As I look at this new favorite mug, I realize I have not blogged about a race recently.  Heck, I have been a bit more quiet than usual lately, but my house is upside-down in the middle of a re-model, my mom has been under the weather for a couple weeks, and I am super busy with my work.

Moustache Run x 3


Like most runners or exercise enthusiasts, it’s a tradition to start your Turkey day with some kind of activity.  Maybe a local race or in my case, Turkey Day Butts and Guts.  Just like every other year, my friend Sarah, kicks our butt, literally!  Everyone who attends brings a donation for food shelf and hopefully lots of energy to burn!  It’s a great way to start the day!

My Favorite Place to Run


Five mornings a week I lace up my shoes and head out my front door to run!  First I head south, and in less than a mile, I turn right to run on the Luce Line Trail.  Some mornings I run for hours, and other times, it’s a shorter out and back trip.