An Old Fashioned Treat – Sally Ann’s

An Old Time Favorite

An Old Time Favorite

It’s always fun to surprise friends and family with something they will love, but may not have seen or tried before.  These are an old time favorite…Sally Ann cookies.  Also known as Aunt Sally’s Cookies.  The perfect treat to entice, surprise, and delight your guests anytime!

Sally Ann's

In fact, my husband just asked me today, “what do you want to have next Sunday?”.  Hmmm…next Sunday?  “What’s so special about next Sunday?”.  Shhhh….don’t you dare tell my three brothers I forgot about Super-Bowl Sunday!

Growing up with three brothers and a father who loved football, I do recall watching my share of games, and to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it.  However, since heading off to college, and finding time to study, run, workout, and than moving on to a real job, starting and running my business, who has time for Football?  Sorry, not me.

I can honestly say, I haven’t watched one single game to completion for two decades.  I even missed the Minnesota Vikings (my team of choice) miss a game winning field goal to move on to the next round of the playoffs.  (sigh)  However, I did see the replay, (more than once), and it was the talk of the gym for days.  Geez.  It’s just a game..enough all ready?.

Before the yummy Glaze

Before the yummy Glaze

Regardless, I love to entertain and so why not invite a few friends over for “game day” and have some delicious food to go along with the great conversation (about the commercials).  I hear they’re sometimes more entertaining than the game itself?

We haven’t quite figured out our main course yet, but if the weather stays nice, and it’s not 20 below again, we’ll most likely be putting our Green Egg to good use!  Possibly kabobs?.  I will definitely let you know how they turn out!

Of course there will be Guacamole and I can’t wait to turn these Crispy Nuts into something like a Crispy and Nutty, Sweet and Savory Trail Mix.  Again stay tuned!

But what about dessert?

Sally Ann Cookies

See, my husband loves desert, and he really LOVES cookies.  My mom occasionally (ok, maybe almost weekly) will send a bag of cookies home with me (or him) whenever she is working her magic in the kitchen.  Her cookies are to die for!  Ask my friends?.  They never last more than a few days.  My hubby loves to eat cookies!

My Mom learned to make these from her Mother more than half a century ago, and they remain one of my favorites to this day (and my amazing and wonderful husband’s favorites also).  So if you need a cookie for your Super-Bowl gathering, I would recommend these.  They’re not too sweet (which is why I love them) and they’re melt in your mouth delicious.  Not to mention, they’re unique too.  It’s kind of fun to have something a bit out of the ordinary at a football party don’t you think?  Or maybe it’s just me.  But I know you’re going to get lots of oohs and ahhs because these are not only yummy, but everyone is going to wonder and ask you “what are these delicious oblong shaped cookies?”.

Aunt Sally's Cookies Recipe

This is the original recipe found in our first church cookbook years ago.  Crazy cool!  That’s my mom!

I pretty much stuck to this recipe, except both my mom and I now use butter instead of shortening.  We also used a healthier sweetener, coconut sugar instead of white processed sugar.

The frosting has remained the same so far.  I may experiment and yes, they may not be the healthiest cookie, but they sure are tasty.  A treat every once in a while is really not all that terrible and besides, it’s Super-Bowl Sunday?.  So enjoy!  I know I will.

An Old Time Favorite

Aunt Sally’s Cookies


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