Thai Chicken Cashew Stir Fry

Tonight I am finally getting around to sharing what I made my husband for Valentine’s Day.  Better late than never right!  These remodeling projects have definitely turned my life upside down.

Pasta is definitely my husbands fave but Chinese is a close second!  When I surprised him with this Thai Chicken Stir Fry, he was more than pleased.  It’s probably not like anything we had in China, or as good as what my friend Tina makes, but authentic or not, it’s a dynamite stir-fry dish that is perfect for any weeknight dinner!

Crusty Baked Cauliflower & Pasta “Hot-Dish”

Do you enjoy a good casserole?  If you’re from Minnesota, we refer to them as hot dishes.  Well known fact, when my mom suggested making her delicious chicken noodle hot dish for family out East, they replied, “hot dish?  What’s a hot dish?”   I think they thought us Minnesotan’s were a bit odd?  Turns out, her hot dish was a big hit!  It was so good, it’s still requested and served with much love by my mom when they visit us here in Minnesota!

Securian Winter Run – 10K

Securian Winter Run Finishers Mug

Here I am at my desk, sipping on my morning Bullet Proof Coffee from my new mug that I earned after the Securian Winter Run.  As I look at this new favorite mug, I realize I have not blogged about a race recently.  Heck, I have been a bit more quiet than usual lately, but my house is upside-down in the middle of a re-model, my mom has been under the weather for a couple weeks, and I am super busy with my work.