Sweet Potato Pancakes


Sweet Potatoes are NOT yams!  Although I love both, I only find sweet potatoes locally at our farmer’s markets since Yams are not grown around here and originated in Africa.  Luckily you can usually find all varieties at your local farmers markets.  I also find that they taste a tad more sweet and seem more moist than those purchased in the grocery stores.  During the off season, I have to admit, I tend to purchase the garnet yams, mostly because of their richer color and I just like them better.  What is your favorite type of sweet potato?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

20 mile Long Run via Heart Rate Training


Here I am coming off a 20 mile run and nearing the end of my first official training cycle using Heart Rate Training.  I have to admit, it was an emotional, but fun ride.  It started off with many really SLOW runs and many doubts, but to my surprise, I am actually looking forward to repeating the cycle all over again for my next marathon…..but lets get through this one first!

Beet and Berry Smoothie with Fresh Ginger


Can I just say that I think I have convinced non-beet lovers to fall in love with beets.  Seriously friends, this beet and berry smoothie is the perfect way to fuel up before a grueling run, or to enjoy after, like I just did!  If you dislike beets, please don’t let that stop you from trying this epic smoothie!  In fact, I guarantee you’ll want this smoothie every morning until you run out of those beautiful red beets you are not so sure you want in your CSA box.

Vegetable Marinara Sauce


Every Chef should have a good marinara sauce in his or her repertoire and every chef probably believes they have the perfect one.  Well, I am about to share what I think is the most perfect Marinara Sauce and why you should try mine!  

Anniversary Blueberry Crumble

Blueberry Crumle with Organic IceCream

How was your Labor Day Weekend?  Don’t you just love a long weekend!  I espeically love Labor Day because it’s also my Anniversary weekend!  This year we celebrated #7 and we certainly have had 7 Adventurous Years.

I have loved everyone of our Run-Cations and all the memories we’ve made along the way!  If you want to read about a few, here you go…..Rome not just once but twice.  The Great Wall.  A few other included the Wine Glass Marathon in New York, Maine, a run around a small quaint town in Florida, Texas was hot but awesome, and of course I loved visiting my brother in South Dakota!  Lets not forget where I BQ’d a few times in Wisconsin and of course there’s Boston!   They’ve all been amazing!  Soon we’ll be headed to Chicago to celebrate and run marathon #24.  God is Good!

Cauliflower & Avocado Toast with a Runny Egg

Cauliflower Toast with Guacamole and a Runny Egg1

My beautiful step daughter sent me this amazing recipe for Cauliflower Avocado Toast last week.  She knows me so well!  Thanks Emily!  I love you!

It didn’t take me long to try it out and I am hooked.  I had it the next day for lunch, and the next day too.  You’ve probably figured out I love a runny egg with any assortment of  veggies and an avocado after a run.  Good Carbs!  Good Protein!  Good Fat!  

Women Rock 5K via Heart Rate

Women Rock Excelsior brewery Group1

Can I just say running, girlfriends, eating and lets not forget the drinks….soooo much fun!  This past weekend I ran my first 5K race based on my heart rate.  It was actually fun and not once did I worry about my pace.  I just made sure my heart rate was where it was suppose to be each mile and had fun along the way.  Of course, spending time with all these fun ladies at a dear friend’s Bachelorette party made it even more entertaining!

EAT – (Enhanced Anaerobic Threshold)

Enhanced Anaerobic Threshold - Pic courtesy of MB Tepper

Enhanced Anaerobic Threshold – Pic courtesy of MB Tepper

Heart Rate Based Training is definitely all about patience!  Talk about a roller coaster of different emotions (and speed) these past 12 weeks!  Often times I found myself wondering if all the slow runs were really going to pay off.  I have been loving the speed workouts that have been thrown in each week but I have to admit, when I first started this training program, I had my doubts!