Summer Squash Cakes

Anyhow else getting handfuls of summer squash in their CSA box? Every week I look forward to grabbing my box, peeking inside to discover what’s new this week and I always check to make sure there’s a newsletter tucked inside. Every week I look forward to reading Laura’s message espeically the recipes included!

Creamy Slaw with Vinegar & Oil Dressing and SURPRISE Ingredient for Our 4th Of July Picnic

My Creamy Slaw with My Surprise ingredient which everyone LOVED at our 4th of July Picnic!

How was your 4th of July Holiday?  This year I decided not to run a race and I am ok with that decision since it was another warm day!  Hot and humid I might add with storms in the forecast.

Instead we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the farm.  It was not only relaxing listening to the wind rustle in the trees but much cooler in the country vs. in town.