Easter Dutch Baby Pancake

What did you have Easter Morning?  I can hardly believe it was one week ago today.  This Sunday morning was like most others, morning devotions, some quite time, and than several dynamic stretches before I headed out for my run.  As usual, I rushed to get ready for church getting there in the nick of time.  Seems like no matter how much time I have to get ready for church, we almost always are running late.

Baked Apples


Fall not only screams for pumpkin treats, smoothiessquash soups, and other festivities like a halloween themed race, but what about apples!  Fall is here, which also means it’s apple season!  I can hardly believe the only recipe on my blog with this quintessential fall fruit is my mom’s amazing Baked Apple Pie Birthday Cheesecake?  How could I let this happen?

Anniversary Blueberry Crumble

Blueberry Crumle with Organic IceCream

How was your Labor Day Weekend?  Don’t you just love a long weekend!  I espeically love Labor Day because it’s also my Anniversary weekend!  This year we celebrated #7 and we certainly have had 7 Adventurous Years.

I have loved everyone of our Run-Cations and all the memories we’ve made along the way!  If you want to read about a few, here you go…..Rome not just once but twice.  The Great Wall.  A few other included the Wine Glass Marathon in New York, Maine, a run around a small quaint town in Florida, Texas was hot but awesome, and of course I loved visiting my brother in South Dakota!  Lets not forget where I BQ’d a few times in Wisconsin and of course there’s Boston!   They’ve all been amazing!  Soon we’ll be headed to Chicago to celebrate and run marathon #24.  God is Good!

An Old Fashioned Treat – Sally Ann’s

An Old Time Favorite

An Old Time Favorite

It’s always fun to surprise friends and family with something they will love, but may not have seen or tried before.  These are an old time favorite…Sally Ann cookies.  Also known as Aunt Sally’s Cookies.  The perfect treat to entice, surprise, and delight your guests anytime!

Healthy Gunflint Cookies

Loaded GunFlint Cookies

Loaded GunFlint Cookies

For many in America Christmas season begins as soon as the turkey, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie have digested.
Often, families from around the globe are either grabbing their coats or their lap top for early Black Friday Specials way before they are even out of self-induced food coma.  I for one am content to stay far away from the big box stores and savor all of what Thanksgiving means to me.

Blueberry Pie 2 Ways! Blueberries, Blueberries and More Blueberries?

Wild Blueberry Pie

So what do you do with 10 pounds of wild blueberries?  Let me rephrase that…10 pounds times 5.  Yes you read that right; five 10 pound boxes of Wild Blueberries!  You’re math is also correct…that’s 50 pounds of Wild Blueberries.  I guess I love blueberries more than you do.  I know that’s not fair for me to say, but I really LOVE blueberries.  I love them because they’re not only delicious, they’re good for you.  Did you know that the wild kind are even higher in anti-oxidants than regular blueberries?  They are!

So when I heard about my friend taking a road trip to Michigan for these wild blueberries, which haven’t been sprayed with any chemicals, I made LOTS of room in my freezer?.  See I told you I love blueberries.  I’d show you the inside of my freezer too but that would be a bit embarrassing.  My nicely bagged and stacked blueberries look great, but the rest of my food is shoved here and there to make room for all my blueberries.  HA!

10# of Wild Blueberries

10# of Wild Blueberries